Fun Memories

FUN TOURS goes the extra mile to ensure their guests have an outstanding and memorable experience.”

Jeff, Wisconsin, Tour participant to Italy

Want to see the Pope? FUN TOURS made it happen!
We just don’t eat pasta in Italy, we learn how to make it!


For the perfect view of Florence, follow FUN TOURS

They made my trip of a lifetime, WONDERFUL”

Cindy, Iowa, Italy tour

Pizzas and Piazzas Tour of Italy, 2017 ROME

FUN TOURS is full of surprises and so aptly named!”

Denise, Ilinois, participant on the Italy tour

Jack and Kevin have a complete command of the language, had researched our destination, accommodations, restaurants, events, transportation, and everything was perfect

Lou, Illinois, participant on the Mexico Discovery tour


This was a tour that met our highest expectations!

Ann, Illinois, participant on the Mexico Discovery tour


We had hundreds of unforgettable dreams come true and thought we were in Paradise

Liliane and Remy, Luxembourg




Together, Jack and Kevin have traveled to over 65 countries around the world and as you can imagine, they have a lifetime of fun memories. Below are some of their favorite, unforgettable travel memories of past travel adventures along with some fun dreams of future global adventures.    They’ll also use this space to answer any  followers’  questions about travel so they invite you share  your questions and follow Jack and Kevin’s FUN DREAMS.


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A Travel Memory from Jack

Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina took my breath away.

Argentina has always been a favorite travel destination because of the cosmopolitan city life of Buenos Aires, the mouth watering steaks, Malbec wines and Italian cuisine,  and the dear friends I have come to love over the years.   Argentina, Chile and Uruguay just had to be on our short list of upcoming FUN TOURS WITH KEVIN AND JACK.





A Travel Memory from Jack

BALI, Indonesia  was stunningly beautiful and lush reminding me of the rain forests of Costa Rica from my Peace Corps days.  Touring the Hindu temples, walking the paths of parks with friendly monkeys ready to jump on your back and relaxing in the afternoons with otherworldly spa treatments were a few days in paradise I’ll never forget.  I’d love to lead a tour there and return someday soon.  I felt a deep spiritual sense of peace during the entire visit reminding me of my travels several times to India.







A Travel Memory from Kevin

Probably my most favorite country in the world to visit is a country many people are not familiar with – Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is a crossroads between Germany, France, and Belgium, yet it retains its own culture, cuisine and language.  Luxembourg has more castles per capita than any other country in the world and the medieval fortress of Luxembourg City is unique in the world.  Since I love wine, wine tasting and a cruise on Luxembourg’s Moselle is divine!  Along the way, FUN TOURS WITH KEVIN AND JACK will definitely explore Luxembourg.  If you’ve never been there, I’d love to open up the treasure trove of unique sites to explore in Luxembourg!





A Travel Memory from Kevin

I’m NUTS about the HOLY LAND.  One of the coolest tours I’ve ever led was a spiritual pilgrimage to the Israel.  In the Holy Land, some of the greatest faith traditions of the world intersect.  I will never forget staying at a hotel on the Sea of Galilee.  We arrived late in the evening and it was dark but in the morning when I opened my drapes, the sun was glistening over the water which was filled with fishing boats!  The scene took my breath away and I was transported back 2,000 years ago!  I also loved visiting the archeological site of the famous Deep Sea scrolls and floating in the Deep Sea.  I could go back to the Holy Land every year and explore more and more!

The riches there of history, tradition and spirituality are endless!




A Travel Memory from Jack

Having lived two years in Costa Rica, I had to fall in love with this small peace loving country.  With a largest percent of its land protected as part of a vast national park system, more than any other country in the world, Costa Rica is serious about protecting the environment.   And at a crossroads of the Americas, its variety of flora and fauna is amazing.  I fondly recall the small tour I led from our Spanish class and the isolated B&B where we spent a few nights touring late at night with a well known “Bug Lady”  and hiking through the most beautiful rain forests I had ever experienced.